Saturday, November 29, 2008

We Indians are brainless selfish bastards

Why Brainless?
Did you hear and see the latest news plying on CNN - US, BBC - UK and off course all channels in India - "Terror attack in Mumbai", "Mumbai under seige". India has lost more than tens of thousands of people in terror attacks ranging from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, Assam to Gujarat so why we are considering this attack to be unprecedent?. The only reason is because all the media channels don't have any other story other than this to air.
Why is this important not because it is another terror strike, it is because it was an attack on high profile
areas like the "The Taj", "Oberai-Tritton" etc. and it involved
attacking foreigners in Indian soil. It the terrorists attacked Dharavi or the trains as they did before the CNN wouldn' have been running this as the main story in USA. They would have mentioned it and would have continued with some live shooting of cops chasing a car thief on the interstate. I would be a little cynical and give marks to the attackers as they got the attention what they wanted. If media or people had brains, instead of reporting the success of terrorists, they should have investigated the root cause of this whole issue and had debates on solving the issue and not just discussing the obvious.
Terrorists have been doing so much hardwork but Indians being so tolerant or more to say "Selfish" never bothered about these pricks to their buffalo skins. Only the relatives of the victims were affected. Hence they changed tactics, made a name like a company subsidiary "Deccan Mujahideen" of the overall "Indian Mujahideen" or "Army of Pure (Lashkar e taiba)" and attacked high profile areas were Brits, Americans and Israelis were targeted and that did work. When the Dy. chief minister casually remarked "This is a small thing..." he didn't realize that it was a faux pas for media and he had to lose his kursi. The central home minister quit not because he thought he failed his responsibilities, he quit just because he didn't enjoy the confidence of madam. Talk about loyalty and selfness or in my opinion astute selfishness.
All Indians are bastards because we cannot protect our own Motherland and don't give a damn to the blood that is oozing out of her every second.

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Anonymous said...

Your comments reflect mine. Very true. Had it been another bomb in a train OR if common people had been hostage then no one would have bothered... thats the shame. We middle class Hindus, have become utterly helpless in all this. We ourselves are to partly blame for all this. One thing is for sure, we are paying a heavy heavy price for being a tolerant religion...what a shame. I for one have cut a friendship with a muslim roommate I had when I was in Infy (onsite in LA). To hell with them - whether moderate or extreme - Actually there is nothing called moderate in them. Athithi Devo Bhava should be changed to Athithi Rakshaso Bhava! Even Ravana and Duryodhana were much much better. You know what Duryodhana is said to have reached heaven not hell because he was a good prince to the people there and he had values...- Vikram Cavale